OneSource Academy System

Welcome to OneSource Academy for Beginners (000_Welcome)

Welcome to OneSource Academy!
This course provides an overview of our platform and its basic features. You'll learn about the dashboard, course catalog, progress tracking, and more. We'll also cover courses, units, assignments, and tests, as well as common problems and how to contact our support team. Get started on your learning journey with OS Academy today!

Course Type: BV course

  • Overview of our platform
  • Dashboard & Homepage
  • Learning Progress Dashboard
  • Working with a Course
  • Working with a Unit
  • Common Issues
  • How to Receive Notifications from OneSource Academy
  • How to Resolve the Missing Key Issue on OneSource Academy
  • Support Center
  • An Introduction to Support Center
  • Quiz of the Welcome Course
  • Survey of the Welcome Course
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Quiz of the Welcome Course"