(Sample) Sustainable Claims Management 101 (DEMO_SCM_01_EN)

✏️ This foundational course equips brands, retailers, suppliers, sourcing agents, compliance managers, and sourcing & quality professionals with the framework to build a legitimate, scalable portfolio of sustainable claims. This course, along with subsequent deep dive sessions, provides a comprehensive curriculum to help you grow your green claims while mitigating associated risks.

⭐ By the end of this foundational course, you will be able to:

➊ Define the concept of a green claim and greenwashing. (Chapter 1)
➋ Explain the key regulatory frameworks governing the use of green claims. (Chapter 2)
➌ Distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate green claims. (Chapter 3)
❹ Analyze your company's goals to determine which types of certified claims are most appropriate to pursue. (Chapter 4)
❺ Assess the legitimacy of a specific green claim based on established guidelines. (Chapter 5)

⏳ Time Expectation: 1 hour

✅ Completion Criteria:
✓ Pass the Final Assessment with a passing score of 80% or above.
✓ Attempts: Unlimited.

⚙️ Minimum System Requirements:
✓ Up-to-date Internet Browsers: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Opera (HTML5 compatible)
✓ Sufficient Internet Speed: A minimum internet speed of 35Mbps is recommended. Please ensure that your internet service provider (ISP) does not apply any access restrictions that may affect your connection speed.
✓ Computer's RAM: above 2GB

Course Type: BV course

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