Preparing for SAC Changes - Updates to Higg FEM 4.0, BRM and Science-Based Targets (2023SUMMIT_002_EN)

This deep-dive session will provide the latest updates on key changes coming to sustainability assessment programs. Experts will walk through new developments in Higg FEM 4.0 including an expanded assessment, modified scoring and reduced verification scope. Updates to the BRM pilot program and implications for brands/retailers will also be examined. Learn about emerging science-based target requirements and how to prepare facilities. Attendees will gain practical guidance on navigating these changes from subject matter experts and understand the support available from verification and training providers.


• Overview of changes to Higg FEM 4.0 assessment, scores and verification
• Updates on the BRM pilot program and potential future requirements
• Emerging science based target commitments and guidance
• Strategies for facilities, brands and retailers to prepare for changes
• Q&A on available support services for verification and training

Course Type: BV course

  • Preparing for SAC Changes - Higg FEM 4.0, BRM and Science-Based Targets
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed