Advancing the Circular Economy - Interview with Terracycle (2023SUMMIT_008_EN)

Join us for an insightful interview with Tom Szaky, CEO at TerraCycle, as he shares his journey leading TerraCycle from its early roots in making products from waste to the global leader in recycling solutions they are today. Chuck Rogers, American Director of Technical Consulting and Supply Chain Solutions at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, will lead the interview and explore key barriers to circularity and how to overcome them.

Tom will discuss the importance of circularity and how TerraCycle is working to build a more sustainable future through innovative recycling solutions. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of circularity, and how to overcome barriers to build a more sustainable future.


• Tom Szaky's journey leading TerraCycle
• Importance of circularity and building a more sustainable future
• Innovative recycling solutions
• Key barriers to circularity and how to overcome them
• Challenges and opportunities of circularity

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  • Advancing the Circular Economy
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