Carbon footprint & Supply Chain Decarbonization 

Optimizing Supply Chain - Driving Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction & Customer Satisfaction (2023SUMMIT_001_EN)

Join us for an in-depth session on how leading brands and retailers leverage data to enhance supply chain visibility, and quality management, and drive continuous improvement. We will discuss case studies where comprehensive data-driven programs helped clients reduce costs and failures while maintaining high standards. Experts will also share insights on developing risk-based supplier scorecards, empowering local QCs, and customizing solutions to client needs. Attendees will learn practical strategies for quality excellence through a systematic, ecosystem approach to supply chain management.


• Explore the ripple effects of global trade dynamics and understand the forces at play
• Learn strategic responses for navigating modern supply chain challenges
• Discover how our client leveraged our solution to achieve over US$5M in annual QC savings
• Learn how our client effectively managed over 700 factories worldwide, achieving nearly a 50% reduction in quality failure rates and elevating their private brand into a top choice for consumers

Course Type: BV course

  • Optimizing Supply Chain Optimize - Driving Quality, Cost, & Satisfaction
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