Supply Chain Optimization

Learn How Amfori QMI Can Streamline Your Quality Audit (2023SUMMIT_003_EN)

This session examines the evolving landscape of quality management audits and introduces amfori QMI - a standardized approach endorsed by leading brands. We will explore key challenges around fragmented auditing and explain QMI's holistic framework. Real-world QMI integration examples will be shared. Attendees will gain insights on best practices to optimize the audit process and ensure continual improvement post-audit. Strategies will be discussed to navigate this collaborative journey towards supply chain excellence.


• Current audit challenges around inconsistency and duplication
• amfori QMI framework methodology and scope
• Learn how QMI tools streamline processes, reduce repeated audits, and foster quality improvement
• Explore how amfori members are integrating it to complement responsible sourcing practices
• Global expansion updates and next steps in the program
• Partnership highlights between amfori and Bureau Veritas CPS

Course Type: BV course

  • Learn How Amfori QMI Can Streamline Your Quality Audit
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