How to Safeguard Consumer IoT Products from Cyberattacks and Comply with Cybersecurity Regulations (2023SUMMIT_004_EN)

Achieving Cybersecurity Assurance and Compliance in the Connected World

With global regulations tightening and consumers demanding secure devices, this session provides essential cybersecurity updates. We will explore key challenges and solutions including testing methodologies, RED and upcoming standards. Case studies demonstrate testing diverse product categories. Learn how the BV Cyber Mark can validate security levels and expedite future compliance. Strategies will be shared for navigating this rapidly changing landscape. Q&A focuses on getting started with verification services worldwide.


• Cybersecurity threats and regulatory environment
• Cyber testing approaches and standards landscape
• Case studies across sectors like IoT, medical and automotive
• BV Cyber Mark for early security validation and compliance
• Global cybersecurity services and solutions at Bureau Veritas
• Strategizing cybersecurity assurance programmers

Course Type: BV course

  • IoT Security Compliance: Safeguarding Consumers
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed